Transmission Repair Services

Transmission / Gear transmits the power from engine to wheels, transmission is a complex gear train mechanism with various parts that wear down over time – causing fault in shifting for both manual and automatic transmissions.

Our AMA Auto Technicians have the long experience and skill to handle all types of German car transmission / gear repairs. We perform the full range of manual and automatic transmission repairs for almost every make and model of German & 4×4 cars.

Engine Oil Leak Repair In Sharjah

Transmission Repairs Include:

  • High quality aftermarket parts or Genuine OEM replacement parts or Used Parts for price conscious customers.


  • High Standard Workmanship
  • Cost effective Solutions
  • Standard Warranty* 

Frequently asked questions

Transmissions must have fluid to perform properly, fluid cools and lubricates the gear mechanism. A periodic transmission oil level & quality check is recommended and if needed replacement is a must

With most modern cars the vehicle has several indications to let you know that transmission is not OK.. Some vehicles show check transmission lights or the OD button flash. Others are limited to just a standard check engine light on DB Cluster. If you experience something unusual in the shifting and perhaps accompanied by a light like the ones mentioned it is advised to get it checked!   Basic Computer code scans is the first line of diagnostics. Kindly note it is not uncommon for transmission repair shops to require advanced transmission diagnostics time to get to the bottom of some transmission issues. Kindly visit AMA Auto garage for assistance if needed.

Transmission fluid is generally a bright red viscous fluid that resembles crane juice. If you notice several “splotches” or “drips” That would indicate a possible leak possibly within joints, line or small external seal. A huge “spread” style leak would indicate a major seal failure. Most of modern transmissions do not have dipsticks so it is tough to ascertain to add or not. If it is the small splotch leak, you are probably ok to drive it to transmission repair shop. If it is a large leak, we recommend arrange recovery to AMA Auto Garage. Kindly note, even if you add transmission fluid the system works under pressure and most likely will spill under pressure.  

OEM recommended periodic Transmission flushes & oil replacement is a sane way to maintain a vehicles transmission for long lasting life. Waiting until a transmission is malfunctioning may be too late. In case a transmission has begun to display symptoms transmission we advice to get it checked with our AMA Auto Garage Transmission experts.

Transmission codes are only indicative in nature and can be system or component or even faulty sensor specific and do not always spell  the answer by definition. Most codes indicate a fault within a system and require an analysis of the diagnostic flow chart to isolate the trouble area. Most of the vehicles a historic code for a shift solenoid may be stored which can be confusing hence because there is a code present for a shift solenoid does not necessarily mean that it is bad.  All can be resolved with a check of the transmission system with our AMA Auto Garage Transmission experts.

Yes in case the Transmission repair is not feasible or cost effective AMA Auto Garage does arrange Used Gearbox / Transmission with B2B Warranty for German Cars.