Suspension & Air Suspension Services

We at AMA auto are qualified in maintaining and repairing the Car Suspension / Air suspension System like Shock absorbers, Coils, Dampers, Car Air Suspension Balloon, Air Pump & valves in Sharjah.
We also arrange Genuine and Refurbished Air Bag suspension for all German cars.

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Frequently asked questions

Most cars on the road are equipped with a suspension made of metal coils or leaf along with hydraulic shocks. An air bag suspension system uses compressed air in a bag instead.

Air bag suspension consists of an air compressor, reinforced rubber bags mounted on all 4 suspensions and a system to regulate the onboard air compression & Distribution in order to maintain & adjusts the air pressure to help maintain proper ride height and optimal ride quality.

Air bag suspension provides a next level drive comfort and pleasure compared to conventional system.

Airbag suspension is adjustable hence car can be lifted or levered by a control switch (in most of the modern cars) to suit road and drive conditions .

Airbag suspension keeps all wheels under equal load via air