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Minor-Major Service & Maintenance in Sharjah

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An essentially pre defined periodic car serviced is most important aspect of your car ownership for safe, comfort and pocket.    All cars have recommended mileage / max duration gap for major and minor service intervals based on OEM car / parts design and Terrain.

Staying updated regarding your major and minor car service will help you anticipate with possible work / budget / service time that shall be invested in this process

Minor Car Service

General Auto manufacturers consensus estimate that a car typically drives about 10 000km a year, on average. Based on this information, a minor service at least once a year is recommended

Minor services generally involve Engine oil replacement, Oil Filter replacement, General inspection of the car, All Fluid Top up if required (i.e Wiper wash fluid, Steering Oil, Brake Oil, Engine Coolant),Computer Service reset (if applicable)

Major Car Service

A major service is typically scheduled every  two Minor services perhaps after every 3 years or every 30 000km, whichever comes first.

Major services are more extensive that includes the work performed under Minor service along with extended set of recommended work like Changing Drive Best, Spark Plugs, AC & Air Filters & possible Transmission Oil change, tire rotation etc

We at AMA Auto are we equipped to perform Minor & Major Service for your German Cars