INFINITI Service Center Sharjah

AMA Auto Garage Sharjah is one of the most reliable INFINITI car Repair and maintenance services center in the Sharjah.
Our experienced Technicians / Mechanics under the supervision of Qualified Auto Engineers ensure up to the mark Car Diagnostic and repair service with complete customer satisfaction in Sharjah for all German and European car brands.
AMA Auto as INFINITI repair specialists, are competent in handling any Diagnostic and repair issues on any luxury car. As an INFINITI service center, we ensure a first-class service experience for our customers.

We use Genuine INFINITI Parts or German make aftermarket parts and also source used INFINITI Parts in Sharjah for Budget Customers.

infiniti service center sharjah

INFINITI Garage in Sharjah - Services

  • INFINITI   20 point Check up
  • INFINITI  Computer diagnostics
  • INFINITI  Brakes
  • INFINITI  Emissions Repair
  • INFINITI  Engine work
  • INFINITI  oil change service
  • INFINITI  Transmission service
  • INFINII  Engine Diagnostics Testing
  • INFINITI  Cooling System service and repair
  • INFINITI  Automotive machine shop services
  • INFINITI  Maintenance inspections
  • INFINITI  Heating/Air Conditioning Service
  • INFINITI  Suspension and Steering Repair
  • INFINITI  Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • INFINITI  Internal Engine Services
  • INFINITI  Car Care Service
  • INFINITI  General Service
  • INFINITI  Major & Minor Service
  • INFINITI  Brake and lamp inspections
  • INFINITI  Water Pump Replacement
  • INFINITI  Fuel Pumps & Injector Repair
  • INFINITI  Electrical System Diagnostic and Repair
  • INFINITI  Transmission Differential, Clutch
  • INFINITI  Engine Repair’ Overhaul and Rebuilding
  • INFINITY  Brake replacement
  • INFINITI  Timing Belt Replacement

INFINITI Service Center - FAQ

When you select AMA Auto Sharjah as your INFINITI Specialized service provider, you get a team of qualified experienced INFINITI mechanics along with of state-of-the-art equipment and workmanship.

While many auto technicians recommend 3,000-7,000 KMS or 3 month oil-change whichever comes first, this may not be true for every case for every model we user manual should be the first point of information, However due to vivid usage and maintenance history we might suggest an alternate after complete diagnosis of the INFINITY.

Since the only way to check the brake condition is via manual inspection we suggest get the brakes checked upon every INFINITI service with AMA Auto Sharjah.

Tires are one of the most critical components of the Car, Rotation ensures even wear and tear of your car along with safety and comfort. A tire rotation every 10,000km is highly recommended however we reco0mmend getting the INFINITI tire condition checked every time you come to AMA Auto Sharjah for INFINITI Service.

Usually INFINITI car battery lasts between 3 to 5 years, depending on care and usage. The best way to avoid a battery problem is make sure not to stall the car for more than a week and conduct a routine Battery Check that we at AMA Auto perform during every service.

The Check engine Lights in INFINITI Dashboard is safety feature indication for issue with the Car health the exact reason shall be ascertained only after Computerized Diagnostics at our INFINITI Workshop Sharjah.

Routine AC servicing that might include AC GAS top-up and AC Filter Change, that AMA Auto conducts at every Major Service by default.

Although there may be many reasons why your INFINITI doesn’t start, the first self check option is its battery drainage. One early warning sign of a low charge is it takes longer to start the engine when you turn the key. There may be other reasons why your vehicle won’t start, so it’s always best to consult a INFINITI mechanic we at AMA Auto Sharjah shall be happy to help.

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