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 DIY Car Care: Simple Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

DIY Car Care: Simple Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

When you want to take care of your car, you don’t have to take it to a mechanic for the same. With some basic tools and knowledge, you can perform simple maintenance tasks at home, saving time and money. Remember to consult your car’s manual for specific instructions and safety precautions before attempting any maintenance or car repair. From routine car service to minor repairs, here are some DIY car care tips for car care at home to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Simple Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

Car Service

1. Oil Change

An oil change can include old oil drainage from the engine and then refilling it with clean and fresh engine oil. This routine maintenance task is essential for keeping the engine running smoothly and efficiently. During an oil change, the oil filter is usually replaced as well to ensure optimal filtration of contaminants. It helps to lubricate the engine’s moving parts, prevent corrosion, and maintain proper engine temperature. Regular oil changes typically recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, are vital for the longevity and performance of the vehicle.

Regular oil changes are crucial for your car’s engine health. You’ll need:

  • New oil and oil filter
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil drain pan


  • Secure the vehicle with jack stands after jacking it up.
  • Find the oil drain plug beneath the vehicle and remove the used oil.
  • Take out the old oil filter and put in a fresh one.
  • Add new oil to the prescribed quantity and refill.

2. Air Filter Replacement

Air filter replacement in a car involves removing the old, dirty air filter and installing a new one. The air filter is crucial for preventing dirt, dust, and debris from entering the engine, ensuring clean air for combustion. Over time, the filter can become clogged, leading to reduced engine performance and fuel efficiency. Replacing the air filter is a simple DIY task, typically requiring basic tools like a screwdriver or socket set. It is recommended to replace the air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

A dirty air filter can reduce engine performance. Here is how to replace it:

  • New air filter
  • Screwdriver or socket set


  • Locate the air filter housing.
  • Remove the old air filter and clean out any debris in the housing.
  • Make sure the new air filter is seated correctly before installing it.
  • After fastening any clips or screws, seal the housing.


Car Repair

1. Changing Brake Pads

Changing brake pads is crucial for safe driving. Worn brake pads reduce stopping power and can damage other brake components. DIY replacement involves removing old pads, installing new ones, and testing brakes. It is recommended to change pads when they are worn thin or show signs of damage, ensuring reliable braking performance.

Worn brake pads can be replaced at home with the following tools:

  • New brake pads
  • Jack and Jack stands
  • Lug wrench


  • Loosen the lug nuts, jack up the car, and secure it with stands.
  • Brake calipers can be reached by removing the wheels. 
  • Remove the caliper bolts, then the old brake pads.
  • Compress the caliper piston and install the new pads.
  • Reassemble everything and test the brakes before driving.

2. Replacing Headlights or Taillights

Replacing headlights or taillights is essential for visibility and safety on the road. Burned-out bulbs reduce visibility to other drivers and may result in traffic violations. DIY replacement involves accessing the bulb, twisting out the old one, and inserting a new bulb. Regularly checking and replacing bulbs ensures proper functioning lights, improving overall safety while driving.

Burned-out bulbs are a common issue and can be replaced easily:

  • New headlights or taillight bulbs
  • Screwdriver or socket set


  • Open the hood or trunk to access the back of the light assembly.
  • Twist and remove the bulb socket.
  • Without touching the glass, fix a new bulb by removing the old one. 
  • Test the new bulb before closing the assembly.


Car Shampoo at Home

Car shampoo is vital for maintaining a vehicle’s appearance and protecting its paint. It effectively removes dirt, grime, and contaminants without damaging the paint. Regular washing with car shampoo prevents buildup that can lead to corrosion and preserves the vehicle’s resale value. It also leaves a polished, clean finish.


1. Exterior Wash

Exterior cleaning includes washing the car with car shampoo, rinsing, and drying with microfiber towels to prevent water spots. It also involves cleaning wheels, tires, and windows for a thorough, polished look inside and out.

Regular washing protects your car’s paint and keeps it looking great:

  • Car Shampoo
  • One bucket of soap water and another one for rinsing the car 
  • Wash mitt or sponge
  • Microfiber towels


  • Rinse the car thoroughly to remove loose dirt.
  • Use the soapy water and mitt to wash the car, starting from the top.
  • Rinse with clean water, then dry with microfiber towels to prevent water spots.


2. Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning involves removing debris, vacuuming seats and carpets, and wiping surfaces with an appropriate cleaner. This process eliminates dirt, dust, and stains, keeping the interior fresh and pleasant.

Keep the inside of your car fresh and clean with these steps:

  • Interior cleaner (appropriate for your surfaces)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths


  • Remove all trash and clutter from the interior.
  • Vacuum the seats, carpets, and floor mats.
  • Use the interior cleaner on surfaces like the dashboard, console, and door panels.
  • Wipe down with microfiber cloths for a polished finish.



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Specialized Services by Ama Auto

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  • These include complex engine diagnostics, transmission repairs, and electrical system troubleshooting. 
  • These tasks require specialized tools, technical knowledge, and experience to ensure proper diagnosis and repair. 
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  • They also offer detailing services for thorough interior and exterior cleaning, leaving cars looking and feeling fresh. 






By performing these simple DIY car care tasks at home, you can ensure your vehicle stays in top condition without breaking the bank. Regular maintenance not only saves money on a car repair but also improves the longevity and performance of your car. With a focus on customer satisfaction, AMA Auto provides transparent pricing and excellent customer service, making car maintenance hassle-free and convenient for all. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, AMA Auto is a trusted partner for keeping vehicles in top condition. Entrusting a car service that cannot be DIY’d to AMA Auto guarantees thorough and professional care for your vehicle’s complex needs.

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