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 How to Detect an Air Suspension Issue & Where to Get Restored?

How to Detect an Air Suspension Issue & Where to Get Restored?

Range Rovers are known for being active, and their owners depend on them for multiple reasons. The Range Rover brand is iconic in that it integrates design, durability, performance, and efficiency into an automobile that is wonderful to drive and delivers unparalleled utility. Unfortunately, though Range Rovers are challenging, high-performing cars, they can still experience problems, such as issues with the air suspension from time to time. As a result, you could need a Range Rover Air Suspension Repair.

But by looking for caution signs of Range Rover suspension issues, you can detect them before they get this severe.

Range Rover Air Suspension Repair
Range Rover Air Suspension Repair

How to Tell the Air Suspension has an Issue?

One dead giveaway is if your Range Rover is tilting to one side. Occasionally this is either to its right or left side, but it’s usually the rear end that sags down. It can make the automobile look like it’s “squatting” down.

Another signifying sign of suspension problems is if the car does a “nose dive” when arriving at a stop. The front end sinks due to lousy air struts, and stopping force pushes the front end to descend while the rear end lifts. Not only is this uneasy, but it also indicates your Range Rover is taking longer to cease than it should, raising the possibility of an accident.

If you want to be assertive, you can quickly perform the bounce test to examine for problems. This easy test is an excellent method to check for issues between service trips, or you can visit a Lexus Garage in Sharjah.


Here’s how it functions:


  • Step to one corner of your Range Rover.
  • Press down forcefully on the bumper.
  • Watch as it advances back into position.
  • Repeat for each wheel.


When the suspension is healthy, the corner will pop back into position and settle quickly. Nonetheless, if it takes an extended time to rise back up or if it boots before deciding, you probably have a suspension issue at that corner.

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